Types of Microwave Ovens

A microwave is an electric oven that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. This induces polar molecules in the food to rotate and produce thermal energy in a process known as dielectric heating.

The power rating of the oven and the water content, density and amount of food being heated determine the rate of heating in a microwave. This said, food cooked in a microwave is as safe, and as nutritious, as food cooked in a traditional oven.

Types of microwaves

1. Solo Microwave Oven

This is a plain model of microwave oven which has a magnetron inside. It mainly consists of a high-powered vacuum tube that is responsible for producing magnetic waves. It can only be used for plain cooking foods such as popcorn, noodles, rice, reheating of any kind of food and boiling milk, tea, and coffee. The Solo microwave is ideal for small families or an individual because of its limited uses.

2. Grill Microwave Oven

The grill microwave oven has heating coils which transform the electricity to heat energy, enabling you to toast, roast and grill any food you want. The grill microwave oven is ideal for warming food, boiling milk, tea and coffee, cooking your favorite noodles and rice, grilling and roasting your favorite meat and chicken.

3. Convection Microwave Oven

This microwave oven is great for grilling and baking. It has heat coils that are used for grilling foods and a heater with blower that is used for baking foods. The convection heater is also great for reheating food, boiling water, cooking your favorite pasta, rice and popcorns. This all-in-one microwave is perfect for you if you like to bake and grill.

4. Countertop Microwave Oven

This type of microwave is designed to be placed on a countertop.

It comes in 3 different sizes and cooks your food as quickly as possible.

  • The first size is the compact microwave which is ideal for you if you live in a dorm, an apartment or have a small kitchen. This is suitable for cooking or preheating meals for an individual or a small family.
  • The second size is the mid-size microwave. This works just like the compact microwave but is ideal for medium sized family. It takes up more counter top space.
  • The third size is the full-size microwave, ideal for a large sized family.

Here is a list of 5 countertop microwaves that I consider ideal for home use.

5. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

This type of microwave is a mixture of a microwave oven and a hood for ventilation. Over-the-range microwaves work perfectly. This is the only one amidst the number of microwave oven types that makes the counter space open for other things and the ventilation works to drive away the steam, odor or smoke. This is one of ideal microwave oven types as it helps your kitchen always new and relaxing when cooking. Check this post to see top rated over the range microwaves on the market.

Microwave ovens have several types, each with advantages and disadvantages. It is good to note that different microwave oven types may have similar functions but also they have different purposes. When all is said and done, all the types cook food quickly and are convenient to use.