Tips For Designing a Personality Packed Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is the second most common refurbishment project in American homes, according to Consumer’s Voice, which reflects its importance in our daily lives.

Kitchens are a meeting point and social hub and precisely because we spend so much time in them, ensuring they reflect our style is key.

kitchen design

+++NOTE TO INSPECTOR: Photo artwork on the counter is taken by me, see property release.+++
A contemporary kitchen with open concept design and bar counter in a modern home.

Simple, pristine white kitchens may be lining the pages of designer magazines, but if a change is due in your kitchen, how can you ensure the final result expresses who you are and the things you value in life?

Creating Your Own Style

Kitchens are supposedly meant to contain the standard countertop, appliances, and little else. If you spend lots of time in yours, however, why not up its appeal factor so that friends and family members feel more like enjoying a coffee and conversation in this spot?

Turning a traditional kitchen into an open one that connects with the main living room is one way to boost fluidity in movement while fostering better communication.

An open kitchen will enable you to pick on the your main style and design choices as displayed in your living room. Thus, if you have used a linen effect wallpaper in the sofa and lounge area, why not use it in the kitchen as well?

The wallpaper industry has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade, with elegant yet sturdy collections able to withstand the steam and grease that kitchens produce, and being easy to clean as well.

Adding a Dash of Artistry

Who said your kitchen had to be sparse and minimalistic? Because open kitchens and large central islands and stools are so highly favored these days, people are spending more time in this part of the home, so why not give them something nice to look at?

If you draw nature inspired subjects, such as herbs, plants, or flowers, why not frame them and hang them near fragrant ingredients such as herbs and spices?

Viewing art is pleasurable to most people, with studies showing that it stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers and hones our skills of observation.

In addition to displaying drawings and photographs, bring a few décor pieces into key areas of your kitchen as well. This will add warmth and grace to an otherwise bare area.

What Lights Up Your World?

Kitchen lighting is often fitted with no more than a utilitarian objective, so if you are in the midst of a refurb, think of the type of lighting that will inspire and motivate you to spend time in the kitchen whipping up fabulous meals for friends and family.

If you have always loved Italian design, pendant lights hanging over your central island at different lengths will work wonderfully.

If you are more into futuristic looks, strips of LED lighting on splashbacks, or at the foot of furniture will add a gorgeous sci fi feel when the main lighting is off. Lighting is a key part of creating ambience so make sure to pick something that expresses your interest when choosing it.

Art, lighting, and materials such as wallpaper and flooring are key elements of design. Rather than buying an entire ‘kitchen pack’, however, think each of these elements through, ensuring they conform to your taste and complement the rest of your home well.

Finally, remember that the kitchen is more than a place in which to cook. Make it as beautiful as the rest of the home with small designer touches and art, which will highlight its appeal as a social center.