19 Kitchen Organization Tips

Top view closeup housewife hands tidying up cutlery in drawer general cleaning at kitchen. Woman neatly assembling fork, spoon, knife accessories for eating use Konmari storage organization method

Here are 19 Tips to help keep your kitchen organized.

1) Baskets

Use baskets to store root veggies and fruits that require room to breathe.

2) Make a small appliance cabinet

A clutter-free countertop is to die for. But it is nearly impossible to achieve when you need to use your small appliances almost every day.

Make your countertop more organized by making a small appliance cabinet using the lift-up mechanism on cabinet doors to keep your appliances plugged in and on the counter, but hidden when not in use.

3) Make small kick toe drawers

Install drawers at the very bottom of your cabinets and use them to store cookie sheets, baking mats etc

4) Set up drawers diagonally

Divide your drawers diagonally to store your cutlery in a more organized and accessible way.

5) Use the space next to the fridge

Make a custom-made wine rack in the small vertical space next to the fridge for all your wine storage needs.

6) Add a tension rod under the sink

The area under the kitchen sink has other uses other than holding all the plumbing pipes. Use a curtain tension rod, going through the handle, to hold spray bottles and/or a large mug for holding sponges.

7) Add drawers under the cabinets

The toe-kick or plinth is the last few inches under your base cabinets that are mostly left unused. Turn that small space into drawers, and use the space to store flat, items that are used rarely like cookie trays.

8) Make a wooden rack for your wall

Use this to organize your open wine bottles, corkscrews and that little towel you use to wipe the wine bottle before you open it.

9) Store frequently used spices and oils in a tray

Use a small sized tray to hold your most-used utensils, oils, and spices. This eliminates the temptation of keeping things you don’t really need on the counter.

10) Create a hanging utensil rack

Don’t have much drawer or counter space to spare? Mount plumbing pipe clips on a piece of wood, and then hang on your wall to create a rustic and handy utensil hanging rack.

11) Measuring spoons and cups

Tired of wrestling all the silverware in the drawer to get to your measuring spoons? And wrestling the kids for the measuring cups which they think are play items?

Don’t fret. Just line the other side of your cabinet door with cork board and use it to hang your measuring tools out of the children’s reach and to keep them organized.

12) Recipe notes

You can use pushpins to add notes and recipes to the cork board.

13) Maintain clean cookbooks

Recipes can be hard to keep clean, but not with this little trick. Use a pants hanger to display your cookbook from your kitchen cabinet. This way the pages stay in sight and away from oil splatters or other counter spills.

14) Pot Lids

Stick removable hooks to the inside of your cabinet doors, to store your pot lids in an organized way.

15) Paper towel

Hang paper towel on the side of the cabinet door to make it more accessible and get it off the countertop.

16) Spice racks

Use a couple of metal strips to turn your doors into spice racks that are easy-to-use and easy-to-organize spice racks.

17) Cooking utensils

Glue a piece of wood to the wall and put hooks on it. Then hang your frequently used utensils on the hooks.

18) Packing bags

Use tissue boxes to store packing bags so they stay organized and easy to access.

19) Garbage bags

Simply hang a couple of dowels on the inside of the cabinet below your sink, and you won’t have to deal with a jumble of boxes anymore. This is legit. Martha Stewart said it.