Mueller Ultra-Stick Immersion Hand Blender Review

The world of immersion blenders is wide and quite complex especially if you’re not knowledgeable about it. Most customers end up buying foreign products which leave them disappointed later on due to lack of solid information. Luckily, for those people who might be in mere need of a reliable immersion blender, then congratulations as you’ve landed in the right place.

After a comprehensive web research, one of the best immersion blenders we’ve come across is the Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender. Unlike most other blenders in its class, the Mueller has managed to outlast and outperform the competition thanks to its classic ergonomic design and powerful performance.

Mueller Ultra-Stick Immersion Hand Blender

This blender is light, compact and extremely easy to use thanks to the 2 available pushbuttons. To learn more about this classy immersion blender, let’s go straight to the features to see what Mueller has in store for you as the customer.

About the Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

One reason why the Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender has topped in the leader-boards for the best immersion blenders is the powerful motor. Designed with first-grade copper materials, this 500-Watts motor offers continuous operation while still withstanding the heavy-duty blending tasks within the kitchen.

When it comes to the performance, there’s a lot to enjoy here. First, this blender offers you the freedom to use any of the available 9-speeds to blend anything from baby’s food, smoothies, vegetables and other foods. Secondly, you can take advantage of the S-shaped and whisk attachments to perform other cooking tasks such as whipping eggs, mixing peanut butter, pureeing fruits and vegetables, beating eggs and blending smoothies. Finally, there are 2 pushbuttons (on-off and turbo mode) on the handle that make it easier for you to operate the blender depending on what you’re blending.

Speaking of the design let me say that this is an area where Mueller has truly triumphed. Having designed a compact blender that’s not overly heavy, every kitchen enthusiast will definitely go for this appliance. With a light weight of just 2.15 pounds and dimensions of 15.2×4.8×2.8 inches, this blender can serve as a perfect substitute for your countertop blender or mixer.

Since this immersion blender is basically a handheld blender, you don’t have to worry about the grip as the handle is ergonomically designed offering a comfortable grip when blending for long hours. The handle is smooth and soothing while the control settings are right next to your fingertips giving you the perfect blending experience.

Finally, the Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender is small-sized meaning it can easily fit in your kitchen cabinetry. The parts are easy to disassemble and are dishwasher safe meaning cleanup is quite a breeze. This blender is budget-friendly and above all, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty to guarantee you maximum security when making your purchase. Whether its crushing ice cubes, making baby food, mixing milkshakes or blending smoothies, the Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender is exactly what you need to make your cooking tasks a success.

Who is it for?

It’s clear that the Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender is a powerful, high-quality and heavy-duty blender that lasts for a very long time. If you’re a kitchen enthusiast who enjoys cooking a variety of meals, this blender will definitely be of great use as it will allow you to blend, puree or mix your meals regardless of whether you’re using it on a deep pot or a shallow jug.

Cleanup is a breeze as you only need to disassemble the various attachments. Storage is also quite easy as this blender can fit in most small spaces. Check here to compare with other top hand blenders:

However, if you’re an occasional cook preparing bulky meals either for large families or business needs (such as a restaurant) then the Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender is not the best for you.


  • This blender is versatile and perfect for blending anything from smoothies, milk-shakes, soups, purees and baby’s food.
  • The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable non-slip grip when blending is in progress.
  • The durable pure-copper motor is long lasting as compared to the competition.
  • This blender is compact and doesn’t take much of your kitchen space.
  • This immersion blender is affordable and comes with a 2-year 100% warranty.


  • This hand blender is quite delicate so care must be taken to avoid breaking the handle when blending is in progress.

Frequently asked questions

What does Turbo mean in this immersion hand blender?

The turbo boost function is a special feature that increases the speed of the blender to give you enough power to perform heavy-duty tasks such as blending, pureeing or mixing a variety of meals. Some people have been asking whether it’s able to crush ice. To be specific, this immersion hand blender is able to crush ice but you need to add a reasonable amount of water to make the process much easier.

Can you use this immersion hand blender for baking or making smoothies?

Speaking of baking, an immersion hand blender does a similar job that a hand mixer would do with only slightly noticeable differences. When it comes to smoothies, it’s obvious that this is the area where the Mueller triumphs most. Fitted with a very powerful 500-Watts motor, this blender is able to blend anything from baby’s food, smoothies to vegetables.

How do I clean this immersion hand blender?

The Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender is very easy to clean. First, make sure the appliance is disconnected from the main power source. Secondly, disassemble the appliance and immerse the attachments in hot water. Thirdly, soak a soft cloth or sponge in a washing detergent and use it to clean the attachments. When you’re done washing, rinse the attachments with clean water and place them on the dryer rack to self-dry.

Since the upper part of the blender can’t be immersed in water, simply clean it with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in white vinegar. Clean areas around the buttons carefully then leave it to self-dry.


If you’re still wondering which type of immersion blender to buy for your small kitchen use, then I believe you have the answer. Not only is it compact and light, this blender is extremely easy to use and highly affordable for all customers around. The 500-Watts motor is very powerful and the brilliant design guarantees you maximum operation regardless of what you’re blending.

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