Magic Bullet Blender Review

The trend of blending organic health drinks and personalized smoothies today is more popular than ever before. But to make such smoothies you will need a good blender that is functional and fits your sense of style.

This ongoing trend could be in part as a result of a health-conscious movement that is emblazoned on almost every health and fitness magazine. It could also be just from the simple fact that healthy blended recipes are recommended by your nutritionist, trainer or doctor.

Are you aspiring to eat healthier?  Do you usually find health adverts irresistible? Think those of perfect bodied dudes or women in gym gear working up a sweat on an elliptical machine while reaching for a tumbler that contains raw blended goodness. Well guess what? You are likely to gravitate towards this juicer.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or simply love single serve milkshakes and smoothies, it is hard to go wrong with the Magic Bullet blender.

Magic Bullet Blender

A decent blender that does not cost an arm and a leg is a necessity for every kitchen today. More so for those who are health conscious and have discovered the beauty and health benefits of drinking raw fruits and veggies.

But with the sea of blenders out there it can be quite a daunting task to settle for one that suits your needs; whether that is for pureeing, juicing, making smoothies or whirring nuts into butter.

If what you have in mind is efficiency and affordability then the Magic Bullet blender is just the perfect fit for your kitchen and your blending needs.

What Makes the Magic Bullet the One?

Below I take a look at some of the highlights that make this blender a good choice for many.

1. Compact Design

The compact design of the Magic Bullet blender allows it to fit on almost any kitchen counter. It guarantees the use of minimal space because of its small height that does not interfere with upper kitchen cabinets. When the blending jar is removed, this blender stands as tall as a normal coffee mug.

This blender comes equipped with several single serve blending jars that are quite handy when whipping up a solo meal or fixing yourself a personal treat from a favorite recipe.

The first is a tall cup of 18 oz, followed by an 18 0z party mug and lastly, a 12 oz short cup. This allows you a variety of sizes when preparing various smoothies and foods.

The small compact size of the Magic Bullet blender is its biggest differentiator and is arguably what makes it very popular. Amazingly, in some cases it actually tops bigger sized blenders in performance.

The shape and design of this blender’s attachments allows them to be dishwasher friendly and extremely easy to clean.

2. Motor Power

This blender has a 250 high torque power base. This is quite powerful for a small blender and it comes as no surprise that it can be able to grind nuts and turn ice into slush.  Making your favorite dips or cold drinks such as margaritas has never been easier.

The Magic Bullet’s time saving efficiency and speedy operation lies in the unique blade design and bullet shape that allows quick and forceful circulation of food in the cyclonic cutting zone for easy prep. 

3. Versatility

The Magic Bullet blender is pleasantly versatile despite its miniature size. You will find it to be quite an able kitchen assistant owing to its high speed blender and mixer system that is capable of the following;

  • Chopping
  • Mixing
  • Blending
  • Whipping
  • Grinding
  • Mincing

Most buyers might be fooled by the size and are skeptical as to whether it can actually do all the above. This is the exact reason why we mentioned earlier that this blender’s biggest selling point is the size and price.  It is best suited for someone living solo or a household that does all the above in moderation.


  • Extremely efficient
  • Unique bullet shape allows speedy chopping and blending
  • Very easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Some tasks may take a little bit of patience such crushing ice, or hard substances.
  • You may find noise levels of approximately 93 decibels a bit high


Frequently asked Questions

Can this blender work with foods like hummus?

Yes it does work very well with hummus. In case you are wondering what hummus, a dip that is extremely popular with Arabian foods. It can make other dips just as efficiently.

How noisy is this blender?

Fairly noisy but it is all dependent on what you are blending. For instance, blending ice will make the most noise. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most noise, this blender will come in at 5 – 6.

Is the Magic Bullet blender durable?

One has to appreciate that this blender is not exactly commercial grade but it is very well constructed. It is fairly durable, but for extended longevity it is prudent to be gentle with the plastic jars. You might have to buy a new should any of the jars get damaged. But this will be after several years of good service.

Is it capable of pureeing vegetables?

Yes. The Magic Bullet is able to puree vegetable speedily and with ease.

How portable is this blender?

 Owing to its size, this blender can easily be moved from one kitchen spot to another and will work well provided there is an electric socket. You can also carry it around with you on camping trips and outdoor activities. Check out other blenders that offer portability.

Final Word

This blender is really for everyone who has the need to frequently puree, blend, chop, grind and so forth. Because of its small size, its best suited for single serves.

The unique shape and size makes it quite portable. It has such great reviews because of its efficiency, versatility and unbeatable price.

Apart from a few drawbacks of the noise level and exercising a bit of patience while blending hard substances such as ice, this blender will amaze you with its versatility. Give the Magic Bullet a try, it will have you agreeing that good things come in small sizes as well.

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