Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave Review

The kitchen is the heart and perhaps the most favorite place in the modern home. One way of keeping it neat and well spaced is by installing small appliances that will not occupy much space.

Some of the key team players in every successful kitchen include a blender, a coffee maker, a grinder, a juice extractor, a food processor, a toaster and finally a microwave.

While the traditional kitchen relied more on regular countertop microwaves, the modern kitchen has completely been revolutionized with the advanced over the range (OTR) microwaves which have won a large market share. Not only do they make food preparation quick and easy, OTR microwaves are multi-functional as they incorporate a full range hood functionality into the microwave oven.

Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave

Now, with so many options available in the market, this post will review one of the best microwaves that has revolutionized the modern kitchen—the Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave.

About the Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave

If you’re a professional chef or simply a cooking connoisseur searching for a classic over the range microwave that offers a mix of style and elegance, then the Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave is what you’re looking for.

Engineered with a mix of convection cooking, sensor cooking and range hood functionality, this microwave is not only useful but it also saves countertop space which can be used to fit other kitchen appliances. The strong ventilation system enhances a continuous flow of fresh air into your kitchen while halogen lights below the microwave offer perfect illumination of your stovetop when cooking is in progress.

When it comes to convection cooking, I think this is where the Kitchen Aid triumphs most. Engineered with a 1500 watts convection element, this microwave allows an even circulation of hot air throughout the oven to give you a chance of baking and cooking food to temperatures as high as 425°F.

The available sensors and auto-cook options are quite impressive as they eliminate guesswork while cooking. Instead of having to monitor the cooking temperature, these sensors automatically adjust cooking time by detecting moisture levels in your food to ensure that food is ready exactly when it’s needed. In addition to that, there’s a keep warm feature that keeps food warm for long hours waiting to be served at dinner time.

Now to the design, the Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave has once again shown its dominance. Engineered with a professionally inspired stainless steel design, this microwave features satin textured handles, chrome frames, a KitchenAid badge and a KitchenAid brand medallion to reveal the manufacturer’s authenticity and uniqueness.

In addition to that, Kitchen Aid has included a glass touch control panel that rests horizontally on an eye-access level at the bottom sector of the appliance. With such a design, users will be able to access the keypad and the presets much easier with less effort.

Designed with 1000 watts cooking power, a 1.9 cu ft. interior capacity and a stoppable turntable, the Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave is surely a must-have if you really wish to advance your modern kitchen.

Who is it for?

Despite its dominance, every appliance is designed to suit and inspire a particular class of people. In the case of the Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave, this kitchen appliance is designed to suit customers who value class and elegance.

This is evidenced by Kitchen Aid’s classic design that features a stainless steel exterior casing, chrome handles, a horizontal glass touch panel and a KitchenAid badge and brand medallion.

In addition to that, avid kitchen lovers who enjoy cooking a lot will definitely fall in love with the multiple auto-cook sensors and convection capability that lets you cook food or bake cakes or bread with less effort. Read here to see other top over the range microwaves.


  • The horizontal glass control panel has impressed many due to its design and simplicity.
  • The stainless steel exterior is both durable and stylish.
  • With a 1.9 cu ft. interior capacity, this microwave is considered to be large enough to accommodate bigger dishes and platters.
  • The 1000 watts cooking power coupled with a 1500 watts convection element ensure that cooking is done faster and conveniently.
  • For those worried about cleaning, this microwave is very easy to clean both in the interior and exterior.


  • Some customers have complained about the performance of this microwave stating that it takes too long to warm leftovers.
  • This microwave is quite expensive yet it lacks most of the basic features you would have expected in such a classy unit.

Frequently asked questions

Why is there arcing in my microwave?

Arcing is a serious condition that can damage your microwave. It’s mostly caused by soil buildup in your appliance’s inner cover, cooking racks support and areas around the door and the frame. To avoid this, simply perform a general cleaning of your microwave’s interior by using mild soap, water and a soft sponge.

Why is the fan running during cook time?

This is a normal operation cycle. The fan is separate from the venting fan and it automatically goes on when the microwave is cooking to cool the appliance during operation.

Why is there smoke and odor coming off the microwave during convection cooking?

Again, this is a normal functioning of the microwave and it shouldn’t scare you. Your microwave will actually produce smoke and odor during its initial use of the convection cycles. However, this issue will tend to dissipate after repetitive usage.

Why is the microwave displaying messages?

In case your microwave is displaying a letter followed by a number, it’s actually signaling an error. Here, you need to call the technical team for assistance. If it’s flashing digits, that simply means there’s a power failure. Simply reset the time and restart your microwave all over again.


Overall, the Kitchen Aid KMHC319ESS Over-The-Range Microwave is a professionally built high performing microwave that accomplishes most cooking tasks with ease. Designed with a large interior capacity, a powerful 1000 watts cooking power and a user-friendly horizontal control panel, the Kitchen Aid is truly a dominant microwave that has revolutionized the modern kitchen.

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