Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Review

A good number of people appreciate a quality cup of Joe for the simple reason that it has a special way of helping you start your morning on the right note.

The scent and exquisite taste of aromatic coffee brewed to perfection is an irreplaceable morning staple for most. It therefore follows that a coffee machine that understands your needs becomes of utmost importance in order to keep your needs for a quality cup of Joe consistently met every morning.

If you are the kind of person who wants an amazing cup of coffee without too much hassle in the morning or any other time of day, then consider yourself lucky to have found the coffee machine that delivers on that need: the Keurig K55.

Keurig K55 coffee maker

This appliance has had a huge following for many years because of its efficiency to brewing a stellar cup of coffee in literally one minute. It is renowned for its simplicity, ease of use and good brewing capability.

No doubt, there are numerous coffee makers out there with different features to suit various tastes and needs. But for those who belong to the quick and snappy coffee club, this machine is the one for you.

What Does the Keurig K55 Bring to the Table?

Below I take a deeper look at some of the Keurig K55 features to see why most people have this coffee maker in their kitchen counter and why you might want to consider it.

1. Simple to use

If you are like most people, your morning routine is probably rushed in an effort to be out the door quickly and have a decent chance at beating the traffic. It therefore does not hurt to have a coffee machine that is easy to operate and brews excellent coffee in a minute or under leaving you just enough time to spread some butter or Nutella on your toast.

The operation of this coffee makes is super easy. The control panel is well displayed with the upper side consisting of primarily inform buttons such as ‘add water’ in case the water level is running low. The ‘de-scale’ button will light up periodically to inform you when it’s time to de-scale. 

It is of course prudent to throw a glance on the auto-off button to make sure it is on. The machine will switch off automatically after two hours of no use. The heating button will be on when the machine is heating. The power is an easy ON/OFF button.

 For as long as the water tank is loaded with water, the machine is on and a coffee pod is in place, all that is left to do is place a mug expectantly under the machine’s spout and press one of the three blue buttons for the amount of coffee you need and voila, the Keurig K55 will do its part to perfection.

Heating takes about 30 seconds and brewing another 30 seconds. One minute later your cup will have a coffee brew that will have your palate rejoicing and your coffee craving sated.

2. Compatible with 3 different K-cup sizes

The three blue buttons mentioned above for coffee quantities are what arguably sets the Keurig K55 apart from other coffee machines in the same category.

These buttons represents the different K-cup or pod sizes: 6, 8 and 10 ounces. Take your pick, press and your coffee will be ready in no time. K-cups allow a variety of flavors from the vast array of pods, from hazel nut to vanilla, star-bucks and so much more.

Other than this machine being a fast and quality brewer, it also gives you the leeway to try a diversity of flavors that are sure to keep your coffee drinking habit interesting and playful.

3. Cleaning is a breeze

This coffee making machine, automatically informs you through the de-scale button when it is time to de-scale.

Although it is very easy to clean since it takes less than a minute to go through it with a wet cloth every so often, the internal parts will inevitably have an accumulation of calcium deposit or scale as is with all machines that use water.

When this happens the Keurig K55 will first inform you via the de-scale button and then the inbuilt de-scale program on it will then go ahead and de-scale automatically.

This is a pretty nifty feature that I’ve simply fallen in love with and explains in part the popularity of the Keurig K-55.

4. Big water Reservoir

The chore of replenishing water on your coffee reservoir too often can become a bore as seen with most coffee machines that have a tiny water tank.

This is not the case with Keurig K55. You will love the 48 ounce water tank that allows you several coffee helpings way before you have need to refill.

To put this in perspective, assume you have the water tank of your Keurig K55 full at 48 oz. You happen to use the coffee selection for 8 ounces; it means you can enjoy 6 consecutive servings before re-filling the water tank. Now that is cool!

I can sum up the highs and low points of this able coffee maker in nutshell.


  • Fast brewer
  • Automatic de-scaling program
  • Auto shut off safety feature
  • Friendly price
  • Informative control panel
  • Good sized water tank


  • Delicate in the case of a busy office or public use
  • You may find it a bit noisy

Frequently asked questions

How tall is this coffee maker?

The Keurig K55 stands at 15inches. The machine will, however, eat up some additional 3 inches to open up the top and insert the cup.

Is it possible to use pod from other brands with this coffee maker?

Yes. Although K-cups are most recommended as the quality is consistent, it is possible to use other pod brands provided you have a refillable pod that you can use for brands that you prefer

Is this coffee machine overly loud?

It is fairly loud but not overly. I have observed that if you leave the reservoir without water overnight, it will tend to be quite loud during start up as the machine tries to overcome the vacuum. It helps to leave some water in the reservoir.


It is no secret that there is a mountain of coffee makers to choose from in the market today. However, there are times when it pays to go with an option that has been tried, tested and proven to be above board.

For those looking for a hardy coffee machine that is decently prized, brews fast and offers you multiple options of pods and K-cups to work with, there seems to be none better than the Keurig K55 coffee maker.

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