Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave Review

Today’s modern kitchen is designed to accommodate each and every kitchen accessory thanks to advancements in technology. These appliances include; the blender, coffee maker, spice grinder, juicer, food processor and pressure cooker among others.

While all these appliances are aimed at making kitchen tasks easier and more convenient, there’s one more kitchen appliance we can’t forget to mention—an over the range microwave oven.

Designed to add flexibility and convenience in the modern kitchen, an over the range microwave is a multi-purpose appliance that has been designed to solve kitchen problems while saving space on your counter by being placed literally over the range/stove.

Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave

Because there are so many models already on the market, our team of experts has dug deeper to come up with one of the best over the range microwave ovens—the Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave.

About the Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave

The first selling feature of the Kenmore 80373 Microwave is the design. Available in black, white or stainless steel (though stainless steel is quite pricey), this microwave will definitely match your kitchen interior.

When it comes to the keypad, Kenmore has incorporated a well-organized and intuitive control panel that is both clear and pressure sensitive to make it easy and avoid confusion when pressing. This microwave oven comes with a large 1.8 cu ft. capacity that allows you to use either the round rack or the full-width rack depending on what you’re cooking.

As for the ventilation system, the Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave has surely put other microwaves to shame. This is due to the powerful exhaust fan that vents air out at a speed of 400 CFM. In addition to that, the available 4-speed venting system ensures that hot air is eliminated from your kitchen using the four settings that range from low to turbo.

The Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave has impressed many thanks to its sensational technology that has offered a new level of cooking convenience. Unlike traditional microwaves that combine a regular microwave with a range hood, the Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave has added a third appliance, an oven, to make cooking more accurate and consistent.

To make cooking a breeze, this conventional microwave oven is designed with a stellar sensor and a 1050 watts cooking power to make it easier for you to prepare any meals of your choice. To eliminate any guesswork while cooking, this appliance uses humidity sensors to determine the cooking temperature of your meals.

Using the LED-powered control keypad, you can easily select any setting of your choice ranging from auto cook, reheat, defrost, keep warm or simmer depending on whether you’re cooking meat, popcorns, pizza, vegetables or simply baking cakes.

Who is it for?

First, the Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave is designed to hang over the range. Due to this advanced technology, this microwave oven is perfect for newlyweds or young families living in small apartments.

Since the Kenmore is able to hang over the range, this microwave will save you both space and extra money that would have been used in purchasing a single range hood.

In addition to that, customers who value technology, style and performance, will definitely fall in love with this microwave thanks to its brushed stainless steel exterior, compact design and smart easy to use control settings that let you do everything with just a press of a button. Compare with other top over the range microwaves listed here.


  • This microwave is very powerful thanks to the available 1050 watts motor.
  • This appliance comes with multiple sensors that let you cook, reheat, and simmer.
  • This microwave oven is very functional thanks to a combination of a traditional microwave, a range hood and an oven.
  • The brushed stainless steel design makes this conventional microwave stylish when resting over the range.
  • The 1.8 cubic feet of interior capacity is large enough to accomplish most cooking tasks.
  • The 4-speed venting system is perfect for allowing even circulation of air inside the kitchen.


  • The Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave is quite pricey as compared to the majority of its competitors.
  • Some customers have complained about the incandescent bulbs stating that they don’t last long.

Frequently asked questions

Is it normal for the turntable to turn in either direction?

Yes, of course. Each time the door is opened or closed, the turntable rotates in the reverse direction to allow even cooking or reheating of your food.

My microwave is not cooking food evenly. What’s the problem?

In case your machine is not cooking food enough, that’s a clear sign there’s no sufficient power. First, check and verify that the electric supply in your home is normal. In case the power is low, your microwave will definitely fail to cook food evenly. Secondly, ensure that the coking power is at the recommended setting. Always check the microwave power level chart for clarification.

Why is the turntable not turning?

There are some reasons that might cause the turntable to stop working. First, check and ensure that the turntable is placed correctly and that it’s resting firmly on the center shaft. Secondly, check the settings to ensure the turntable is not turned off. Thirdly, check the hub to ensure its working. Finally, remove the turntable and restart the microwave again.


Finally, the Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave has surpassed most of its competitors thanks to its impressive performance. Designed with a brushed stainless steel exterior, this microwave oven features an intuitive control keypad, incandescent bulbs that light up your stovetop, a roomy interior and multiple sensors to make cooking, reheating, baking, defrosting, roasting and broiling much easier.

Welcomed with a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor, and a further five-year warranty on the magnetron, the Kenmore 80373 Elite Over-the-Range Microwave is surely a must-have for customers searching for a kitchen appliance with brag-worthy features.

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