Javapress Manual Coffee Press Review

For the coffee connoisseur who loves to explore different coffee bean roasts, a manual grinder is a must have.

A manual grinder is also for the person who enjoys the process of having a high level of engagement with his coffee beans dictating exactly how he wants the grind before brewing. Most coffee enthusiasts actually look forward to the weekend or a holiday so they can meticulously grind their choice coffee beans for an amazing and rewarding cup of coffee in the morning seeing as they can be strapped for time on weekdays.

Regular coffee consumers may wonder, what is the point of going through all the trouble of sourcing for beans and grinding them manually to make a cup of coffee? Why not just grab a sachet of pre-ground coffee in the nearest store and be done with it. The answer lies in the difference between the drinking experience of the two. The former is distinctively aromatic and flavorful with great potency for those who love their coffee strong. That latter at best could be defined as just OK coffee, or worse.

In many ways it also explains why you have such a great flavorful cup of coffee when you visit your favorite coffee house. More often than not that coffee has been freshly ground. And you often ask yourself, how come the coffee you make at home is never this flavorful? Well, 80%, in respect to coffee flavor lies in grinding your own beans, the other part is using a good coffee maker that brews well at proper temperatures.

There are many types and calibers of manual grinders in the market today ranging from antique designs to sleeker modern designs. Most of them perform well depending on how you like your coffee grinds and the actual ease of the grinding process.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Below we take a look at the Javapresse manual coffee grinder, a well-loved and appreciated coffee maker and brand.

What You Must Know About the Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder

If potent flavor is what you are after in your coffee, it is hard to go wrong with the Javapresse manual grinder because of its ability to grind evenly and consistently. It evenly releases essential oils in roasted beans which are responsible for flavor in your coffee.

Grind Settings

What’s more, it allows you absolute control over your coffee grinds ensuring you always end up with the grinds you would like. This is thanks to over 18 click settings for your grind options ranging from very fine to coarse and everything in between.


Coffee lovers will tell you that once you have discovered the tasteful flavor of coffee made from freshly ground beans, you tend to struggle with pre-ground options. Because the Javapresse is also portable you never have to settle for pre-ground coffee. So even frequent travelers can always take their coffee grinder with them!


The design is clean and uncluttered and looks good on the kitchen counter. With a stainless steel body, it is easy to keep clean and it is robust enough for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.


The Javapress manual grinder is very versatile in terms of mobility because its build allows it to be carried in a handbag and it can be taken apart to save more space or for ease of packing. Additionally, this manual grinder does not require the use of any batteries, cords or source of power. It epitomizes a life of freedom, whether in indoors or outdoors: Freedom to have an excellent cup of Joe wherever you are that is.

Crank mechanism and Grip

A common misconception is that the hand crank mechanism of manual grinders is subject to a lot of friction and slipping off your grip while grinding. While there may be some truth in this for some substandard manual grinders you will be pleasantly surprised to find that this is not the case with the Javapresse.

The hand crank mechanism of the Javapress swivels smoothly to the flow of your hand while grinding and the grip is excellent as chances of disengaging are minimal.


  • Convenient removable hand crank
  • Smooth swivel motion and grip of the hand crank when grinding
  • Almost no sound when grinding
  • Over 15 built-in grind settings for your ideal grind
  • Durable
  • Highly portable


  • Takes a bit of time and effort to grind

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of coffee cups that you can grind on this grinder?

Technically you might be able to grind coffee good for 5-6 cups, however it is likely that your coffee might lose flavor owing to the time that you use to grind. So the ideal amount of coffee to grind at a time with this grinder is 1-2 cups for optimized flavor and it will take you 2 to 5 minutes to grind that amount.

How easy is it to find replacement parts when it’s time for repair?

The Javapresse is built to last. However, when it’s time for repair, upgraded spare parts are easily accessible on amazon and

How do I familiarize myself with the “clicks”, are there any charts to go with the machine?

Yes. It comes with a detailed manual that will help you quickly get what click works for what grind and brewing method.


Being able to take the Javapresse manual grinder to the office and on work trips is a huge plus. During breaks at work you are able to confidently grind your favorite coffee bean roast with the least amount of noise and proceed to the coffee maker for brewing a cracking cup of coffee.

During leisure outdoor activities like camping over the weekend with friends, you do not need to worry about not having a great cup of coffee. In fact, if you don’t show up, they have to worry about not having a great cup of coffee.

The Javapresse Manual coffee grinder comes highly recommended and is a must for those who love their coffee fresh and flavorful whenever, wherever.

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