Introduction to the World of Blenders

A blender is an electric mixing machine used during food preparation to liquidize, chop or puree food. A blender works best with soft foods, and can make juices and smoothies. Some blenders are however powerful enough to handle harder tasks meant for food processors.

Magic Bullet BlenderUses of a blender

A blender is a versatile kitchen equipment which can perform various tasks including;

  • Blending; instant puddings,
  • Blending cream pie fillings,
  • Blending custards,
  • Blending frozen concentrated juices,
  • Blending batter for pancakes,
  • Blending ice cream shakes,
  • Pureeing soft or cooked foods,
  • Making eggnog,
  • Making bread /cookie/cracker crumbs
  • Making salad dressings

There are various types of blenders, all with different capabilities and all designed to make various kitchen tasks easier for you.

Types of blenders

Immersion Blenders

These are also known as hand or stick blenders. They have a long stick-like look, with blades at the bottom. They are easy to use; simply immerse the blender in your container holding food and the blades do the blending. These blenders are compact making them ideal for smaller kitchens. Read this post for in depth info about hand blenders

Because these blenders are not as high powered as the countertop blenders, they are more suitable for simpler blending tasks of soft ingredients. Immersion blenders are mostly cordless making them portable.

Single-serve Blenders

These are also known as personal blenders. They are easy to use. With these types of blenders, you can drink from the same jar you use to blend. Most single-serve blenders also come with a lid for the jar to double it as a smoothie cup so you can enjoy your drinks on the move.

Smoothie Blenders

These blenders are high powered and mostly come with a number of speed settings to give you precise control over your blending. Smoothie blenders can crush ice and others come with different size jars to suit your serving needs.

Power Food Blenders

These blenders are just like smoothie blenders only with more capabilities. They also have many different attachments and features. They not only make great smoothies and milkshakes, but also have features for chopping, grinding, mincing, pureeing, dicing, and more.

Professional Blenders

These types of blenders are commercial hence they are made from top notch materials and have very powerful motors to enable them carry out hard commercial blending tasks easily and precisely.

These types have the ability to blend all types of ingredients quickly and perfectly. Other than blending, these blenders are also able to chop, grind, puree and even cook! They are easy to clean and maintain as they use an advanced self-cleaning technology.

Professional blenders are very expensive and usually have warranties of up to 7 years.

Factors to consider when shopping for a blender

When getting a blender, consider getting one that is;

  • Multi-purpose – the more a blender can perform the better,
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The right size for you – check your available space,
  • Affordable – get one that gives you value for your money,
  • Has warranty – in case it malfunctions and you need to take it back.

As you can see, various blender types perform different tasks and are suitable for different situations. Depending on your need, there is definitely a blender type for you.