Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill “Skerton” Coffee Grinder Review

Coffee making and drinking is a craft that is taken seriously by those who understand what it means to drink a great cup of coffee. It starts with the coffee beans, that have to be of the highest quality, to the grinding process, the aroma that has to be enticing and of course the brewing process.

Even before you pour your cup of coffee, you need to smell it. The aroma is supposed to reel you in, and you are immediately hooked! This is what a coffee grinder will do for you. It ensures the coffee beans retain their delicious juices, which makes it extremely flavorful as you brew it.

One of the most important benefits of grinding your own beans is having control. You control the texture of the coffee, you control the taste and you are simply your very own barista. How exciting!

A coffee grinder should give you many different options for the coffee output. This gives you freedom to explore different options. Let’s look at the Hario Ceramic and see what it has to offer you as a coffee grinder.

Hario Ceramic  Coffee Grinder Review

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

The look of the Hario

The Hario is definitely beautiful to look at. It is well-designed, with a beautiful glass body that looks great on any kitchen counter. It also has an ergonomically designed handle, which makes it easy to grind the coffee beans.

The Hario is also a big grinder, and someone with small hands may have trouble getting a good grip of it.

The top black grinding part is made of plastic and has a nicely designed funnel-like piece where the coffee beans are kept. It also has a life that ensures when you grind the beans, they don’t jump out.

The base of the grinder has a non-slip rubber that sits firmly on the table top to allow grinding easily and freely.

Performance of the Grinder

Once the coffee beans are fed in to the grinder, you will need to manually turn the handle around to grind the coffee beans.

Whilst many will consider this a chore, the Hario has ceramic conical burrs that will give a uniformed and precise coffee grind to your preferred texture. You shall enjoy this quality as it ensures the best tasting coffee.

The ceramic burrs are a big advantage, because compared to the steel burrs, these do not generate heat when you grind, which ensures the beans flavor is not affected.

If you want a very fine grind of your coffee beans, then the Hario will perform as required.

The bean hopper can hold up to 100g of coffee beans

Ease of Use

The grinder is manually operated, which makes it very easy to use. If you spin the grinder at a conversational pace, it will take approximately five minutes to grind enough coffee for one cup.

It may be a bit slow compared to the electric grinders, and also take up more effort, but overall the quality is just as good as the rest.

Noise level

The Hario Skerton is very quiet in its operation. You can use it anywhere and no one will be disturbed.

Another point to note here is that not only is it noise-free, it is also mess-free. The Hario is self-contained, which means that no grinds will spill anywhere. The glass container can be detached, allowing you to pour your grinds out without any mess.


The grinder is easy to maintain and clean. The ceramic burrs cannot rust, and therefore, once you are done with your grinding, all you need to do is rinse them or use a cloth or cleaning brush, to remove the residual and keep them clean.


Easy to use: As mentioned earlier, the Hario is very easy to use, clean and maintain. It is hand-held and manually operated, and anyone can be able to handle it.

Grinding: It grinds the beans slowly, which ensures they keep their flavor intact, making a great cup of coffee.

Cost: it is not expensive, and therefore very economical for someone looking to save a buck.

Noise level: If you want to use it late at night when all your neighbors are asleep, or in the office, you can, because it is quiet in its operations and does not disturb anyone.


Manual operation: The grinding is done manually, which can be very tiring to anyone who isn’t used to it.

Glass: It is made of glass, which makes it fragile and not easily transportable from one place to another.

FAQ’s about the Hario Skerton

Can it make the correct grind for a French press?

Yes. It will make the correct grind for a French press. The grind may sometimes not be 100% consistent, i.e. some particles are not same size as others

How long will it take to grind one cup of beans?

 Making one cup of coffee in a slow grinding rate will take approximately 5 minutes. On a high speed you can do it in 38 seconds.

How much noise and how much coffee does this grinder make?

The Hario Skerton is very silent while in operation. It can hold as much as 100g of coffee beans at a time.

What are the blades made of?

The grinder blades are made of ceramic, which is a very good material as it do not generate any heat, and therefore does not compromise the quality of coffee. Heat has been shown to diminish the flavor of your coffee beans.

Can I use it to grind spices?

Yes. You can grind cinnamon, pepper or nutmeg. They must however be the same size as coffee beans.


The Hario Skerton is probably one of the best manual coffee grinders in the market(Find other top manual coffee grinders here). It does not disappoint in terms of quality and texture. You will also appreciate its price which is very reasonable.

If you want a relatively fast manual grinder, which produces minimal noise and grinds consistently, then the Hario Skerton is highly recommended.

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