Handground Precision Coffee Grinder Review (Manual Ceramic Burr Mill)

The secret of strong aromatic coffee and richness of flavors has always lain in brewing coffee straight from a grinding machine. The exposure after grinding is what causes coffee to lose scent and flavor as evidenced by the pre-ground coffee usually bought off the shelf.

The way to amazing tasting coffee is not a secret any more as you too can enjoy the luxury and comfort of a strong aromatic coffee right in the comfort of your kitchen or living room by simply investing in a reliable manual coffee grinding machine.

Apart from being affordable and durable a manual grinding machine could be the missing link between just an OK cup of coffee from pre-ground and a stellar cup of Joe from freshly ground beans.

In today’s coffee scene, technology has played a great role in enabling coffee lovers to access their favorite coffee beans from different renowned master coffee bean roasters. So if you a have your own reliable and easy-to-use manual grinder in your home, you will have open yourself unlimited flavorful coffee experiences.

A manual grinder that is easy to use, built to last and provides a range of grinding options to suit your palate would add value to your coffee drinking appetite and experience. Whether your preference is an espresso, French press, Aeropress or cold brew, you will most likely find a manual grinder such as the Handground precision grinder most useful and accommodating.

Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

Although there many excellent manual grinders out there, very few if any can match up to the Handground precision coffee grinding machine. Here’s why the Handground Precision grinding machine has such excellent reviews

The Handground Precision Coffee Grinder: A Cut Above the Rest

Grinding your own coffee beans is such a rich experience that it is even therapeutic. The experience cannot be replicated by an automated grinder for all the convenience that they may come with.


This grinder is one of the best in market for good reason allowing you to enjoy your time with your favorite coffee bean roast. Its construction allows it the uncanny ability to grind coffee beans consistently and unlock the aroma that is delicately stored within the bean for a flavorful coffee brew.


Precision is key in any grinding machine and many have missed out on the benefits of a manual grinding machine because they thought, much as you are successfully able to grind a batch you have no way to control or oscillate between your preferred grinds. But the actual truth is, although manual, the hand precision grinding machine through a numbered ring that is easy to use provides you with grind options to suit your taste and what you might be in the mood for at any time of day.

Grind Setting and Options

The ring’s number 1 setting allows a fine grind suitable for an espresso while the number 8 allows you a French press grind. In between every number is a coarseness grind option such that in total you have about 15 different grind options that give a consistent grind that is full of rich aroma and a deep coffee taste.

Grinding Effort

Another common misconception and concern in manual grinders is that working the hand crank may be too tasking and the grinding is likely to be affected by different flows of winding the crank. The design and mechanisms of the handground precision coffee grinder has taken all these concerns into consideration to come up with a grinder that is suited for any hand and requires very little grind effort to actually work.

Ceramic Burrs

The 40mm ceramic burrs are conical shaped and are an integral part of this machine ensuring an even grind irrespective of your flow in winding the hand crank. Geometrically, the burrs have been calibrated to match the grinding speed with the torque that is needed to crank the handle. So no matter your winding style, whether fast or slow, the machine’s output will always be consistently ground coffee in tandem with the grind setting of your choice.

Swivel mechanism and grinding chamber

Also, the swivel mechanism of the handle is surprisingly smooth requiring little effort when turning the handle. Fortunately, grinding your own coffee beans using this machine does not require eye popping or muscle bulging efforts. As such, you can be sure to enjoy your grinding experience as you watch all the action from the see through grinding chamber with little effort and time on your part. Before you know it, your freshly ground beans are ready for the brewer and for a riveting cup of coffee.

Burr wobble

Burr wobble is usually a concern with most manual grinders and stability is one of the selling points of the Handground Precision manual grinder. The build deliberately allows this machine to be noticeably sturdier than most on the market. The reason for this is that the metal bushings have been used in three places to do the mounting for the stainless steel axle that is responsible for driving the burr mill. This ensures no burr wobble occurs during the grinding process and a consistently ground batch every time.


  • Very simple to clean
  • Good looking with a see through grinding chamber
  • Smooth swivel mechanism on the handle requiring little winding effort for grinding
  • Bean hopper can take up to 100g
  • Consistent grind on all grind settings


  • Glass coffee collection chamber may easily break in case the machine falls to the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have weak hands, would this work for me?

Yes, of all the manual grinders on the market this is among those with the smoothest swivel and hand crank so far.

It looks good but delicate, are the see through parts made of glass?

It does come across as delicate, but in actual fact is very tough and durable. The middle chambers is made of a very tough see through material known as Tritan and the bottom part where ground coffee collects is dense glass.

Are the burrs made of stainless steel?

No. The burrs are made of conical shaped ceramic which is far more durable than stainless steel and is not susceptible to rust.


If you are like most people you will probably find the handle easier to use because it is set up on the side of the machine meaning you have to wind vertically. You will love the see through design of the grinding chamber which adds to the experience of grinding your own coffee and seeing all the action as it unfolds. This it is a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

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