17 General Power Saving Tips

Power bills can be back-breaking. We have come to rely on our trusty appliances to help us perform various chores and tasks faster and with ease. Unfortunately, most if not all of these appliances use power.

Dishwasher with energy efficiency chart

Here are a few tips to help you save power and bring down those power bills. Maybe you can now take that vacation you’ve been putting off for years now.

1) Turn off unnecessary lights and use natural light to light your house instead of turning lights on during the day.

2) Taking long showers can be tempting but expensive. Save power and money by taking shorter showers.

3) Keep your fridge 2°C and 3°C and your freezer at -18°C to minimize the power they use.

4) If you own more than one fridge, it’s time to unplug the second one and maybe donate it.

5) If you have a leaking faucet, fix it before it costs you way too much.

6) Turn water off when shaving, washing hands and brushing teeth.

7) Keep any electronics which are not in use unplugged.

8) Turn off the air-conditioner and heating if you aren’t home.

9) One TV is enough. Why not donate your old one?

10) Get a laptop and ditch your old desktop computer.

11) Reduce heat in the kitchen by not using the oven in hot months. Maybe barbeque or make salads.

12) Try running full loads once a week to save more power.

13) You could also try washing laundry in cold to reduce the power you use.

14) Avoid drying your laundry in the washing machine. Hang it outside instead.

15) Add a dry towel in the dryer load to reduce drying times.

16) Skip the heat-dry setting for the dishwasher especially when you just washed a few dishes.

17) Use the microwave, crockpot or toaster oven to do in about 15 minutes what you would do in an hour in an oven.