15 Decoration Tips To Make Your Kitchen Look Nice

The kitchen is the heart of the home, being the most used room in the house. it should be kept organized and appealing to the eye.

Here are some decorative and organization tips and hacks you can use.

1) Use your walls

Make nice little shelves on your wall space. Paint them in nice colors to match the kitchen. Display your nice stuff on these shelves and your practical stuff away in cupboards. This could be your goblets, ceramic plates, e.t.c. arrange them creatively to give your kitchen a stylish look.

Place antiques and artwork creatively among the nice bowls and goblets displayed on your kitchen shelves to give your kitchen more character.

2) Use fresh herbs and small plants to improve the look of your kitchen. Place them on shelves or on your kitchen counter.

3) Fix a magnetic knife strip on the wall to display all your exquisite knives and kitchen scissors.

4) Place a colorful book on each end of the shelves with your nice plates and goblets to further add color to your kitchen.

5) Leave your cute measuring cups out; they are simple but decorate the kitchen.

6) Hang a nice framed picture of a plant or a catchy quote about food or beverage on your kitchen wall. Ensure the frame matches the colors in the kitchen.

7) Use the awkward little space between your fridge and the wall. Put an old bookshelf there and place cute baskets on the shelves. Spruce up the shelf with some paint and store things like kitchen towels or sachets of vitamins in the baskets.

8) Use baskets to decorate. Place them under your cabinets and store your barbeque sauce or ingredients stored in small mason jars.

9) If you have any free space above a counter or shelf, put a hanging plant there. This gives your kitchen a great look.

10) Line your pantry shelf with decorative shelf liner. White liner is great as it makes your pantry look clean and neatly organized.

11) Use clear easy to open click clack containers to store stuff in your pantry. This adds color to your kitchen as you can see all the different colored food through the clear plastic.

12) Make a wooden rack on your wall and use it to display your wine and spirits. The different shapes and sizes of the bottles plus the color of the contents add color to your kitchen.

13) Display different fruits in a cute little fruit basket on your counter or on your small kitchen dining table to add more color to your kitchen.

14) Use cute, well-designed labels to label containers of hard to differentiate foodstuffs, in a minimalist way.

15) Arrange your most-used utensils, oils, and spices in a cute little tray to add to your kitchen décor.