13 Kitchen Cooking Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are 13 cooking tips to make life easier in your kitchen

1) Pots boiling over

Take care of this by placing a wooden spoon across the pot. The water avoids the wooden spoon which is a poor conductor of heat.

2) Flipping food

Pre-heating your cookie sheet when roasting foods like French fries and vegetables, to eliminate the need to flip halfway through cooking.

3) Make great pancakes easily

Just pour the batter into a condiment bottle for easy dispensing when cooking.

4) The perfect hash browns

It can be a hard task to make perfect hash browns. Try throwing them in a waffle iron and shutting it. The hash browns will come out a perfect golden brown without you having to do much.

5) Poaching eggs perfectly

Use a metal mesh strainer to eliminate excess egg white and gently lower the egg into the water for poaching.

6) Cook a whole chicken evenly

The thigh meat of a chicken requires more cook time than the breast. So, ice the breast before cooking to ensure it cooks evenly.

This works on other birds too.

7) Cook square shaped bacon strips in the oven

You get better and more evenly cooked bacon when you use the oven than if you use the frying pan. Weave them into a square shape before cooking them in the oven. They’ll cook faster and this is a great shape for sandwiches.

8) Grill your fish on top of lemon slices

Many times when cooking fish, I have had it stick and/or break up when placed on the grill. I discovered that this doesn’t happen when I place the fish on top of lemon slices and grill it like that. It becomes easier to cook and more flavorful too.

9) Make colorful and flavorful rice

If you are tired of eating the same old plain white, just pop a tea bag into the water during cooking. Use any kind of tea you like; ginger, mint, turmeric, etc

10) Make healthy meatballs

Delicious as they are, meatballs are far from what you would call healthy food. Make them healthier by placing them inside an egg carton during cooking. This absorbs the extra fats from your meatballs.

11) Brewing coffee

Don’t own a coffee machine but want to enjoy brewed coffee? No problem. Just boil the same amount of water and coffee as you would use in a brewer in a pot. Remove from heat and wait about 5 minutes for the grounds to settle to the bottom then carefully use a ladle to serve the coffee at the top of the pot.

12) Frothing without a frother

You don’t need to spend big on expensive coffee machines with frothers to enjoy foamy coffee. Simply put some milk in a jar, cover it and shake it thoroughly till the milk size doubles. Remove the lid and microwave the milk for 20-30 seconds.

13) Repurpose leftovers

Leftovers such as pizza toppings and grilled chicken should never be tossed out. Instead, use them in other meals such as casseroles.