Coffee Maker Buying Guide

A coffee maker is an appliance used for brewing coffee. In most cases, coffee grounds are placed in a metal or paper filter inside a funnel, which is set over a glass or ceramic coffee pot.

Keurig K55 coffee maker

Cold water is then poured into a chamber, heated and directed into the funnel once it reaches boiling point. End result is a delicious cup of your favorite joe. Coffee makers can be manual or automatic.

Types of Coffee Makers


A percolator is a type of pot which brews coffee by continually cycling the boiling brew through the grounds until you achieve the desired strength. A percolator can brew anywhere from 4-12 cups at a go.

Moka pot

This is the most popular stove top espresso maker in the world. Water is filled in the bottom chamber and coffee ground in the middle one. Once heated, the water travels through the chamber with the grounds to the final one, giving you a great cup of espresso in a minute.

French Press

With the French Press, water is poured into coarse coffee grounds for brewing. The mixture is marinated for 3-5 minutes then filtered through the wire mesh to give you a strong, dark cup of coffee.

Vacuum coffee maker

This coffee maker is a full immersion brew system which uses a constant heat source to create a vacuum in one chamber by forcing water up into another chamber where coffee grounds are steeped and then allows the brew to drain back down into the bottom chamber, producing a clear and light flavored cup of coffee.

Drip coffee maker

With a drip coffee maker, hot water is poured over the medium or finely grinded coffee placed in a filter to produce a great cup of coffee. In automatic machines water is sprayed over the grounds while in manual ones, water is slowly poured over the finely ground coffee. Read more on our post about drip coffee makers.

Espresso Coffee maker

There are 3 types of espresso coffee makers; semi automatic, automatic, and fully automatic. These vary depending on the pump and pressure methods. This coffee maker forces boiling water through finely ground coffee directly into your drinking cup. You can also use this coffee maker to make Cappuccinos and Lattes by simply mixing the espresso with skimmed milk.

Thermal coffee maker

With a Thermal coffee maker, the coffee is straightly directed in the Thermal carafe which keeps your coffee hot while still retains the aroma of coffee.

Explore other variations of coffee makers

Grind and brew coffee makers:

Single serve coffee makers:

Cold brew coffee makers:

Factors you may want to consider before purchasing a coffee maker

Your favorite type of coffee – different coffee makers are ideal for different types of coffee.

Ground coffee –if you like to grind your own coffee, you may want a machine that has an in-built coffee grinder

Automatic or manual– getting an automatic machine means less work for you but more money.

Cleaning and maintenance-consider the cleaning process as some coffee makers are difficult to clean and maintain.

Additional capabilities– some coffee makers come with options for making tea and soft drinks.

Your specific needs will ultimately determine the type of coffee maker you choose.