Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker Review

Coffee making is an art. It’s not just about putting coffee in a coffee maker and waiting for the coffee to drip in to the carafe. No, it needs to be done well, and for this to happen you need a state of the art machine that will guarantee success every time you use it.

Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam

This is where the Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam comes in. It does not disappoint and ensure you brew a cup of coffee that is filled with aroma and great taste.

About Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam

The CoffeeTeam TS comes equipped with an inbuilt grinder, which means that you put in whole coffee beans which are then ground up and used to brew a delicious cup of coffee. Very economical and time saving at the same time.

It will grind the beans well, and pass them on to the next step for brewing. If you are using oily beans, set the grinder to coarse settings, and if they are not too oily, you can set it to fine.

It is fully programmable with a digital timer that will ensure the coffee making process begins at the time set. Also featured is a brew-pause function you can use in case you want to enjoy your coffee mid-brew.

The Design

It has a beautiful compact design that features an integrated burr grinder which produces flavorful cups of coffee. It also has a stainless steel carafe that keeps the coffee hot, long after you have brewed it.

The conical burrs for grinding are made of stainless steel. The direct-feed technology has a compact design that keeps moisture away from the grinder, which ensures the quality of the beans is uncompromised and you receive the highest quality coffee.


The coffee brewer has three adjustable strength settings – regular, mild and strong. It also heats up to 200 degrees which is the optimal temperature for coffee making, and has two brewing options, brew mode and grind/brew mode.

It has both manual and automatic abilities. The machine allows you to program the coffee at intervals of 2 cups from 2 -10 cups. The integrated burr grinder has 5 amazing settings for the coffee beans coarseness.

The reservoir capacity is 5 oz.

There is a push button that is used to control the LCD clock and all other functionalities including the coffee maker on and off settings. It will work at 900 watts.

Other features of the Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam Coffeemaker

  • It has a gold-tone as well as a charcoal water filter.
  • The clock is a programmable 24 hour timer that you can set when you need to grind and brew automatically.
  • There’s a 2 hour automatic shut off function.
  • The machine’s dimensions are 75″ D x 9.5″ W x 15.5″ H
  • It weighs 9lb.
  • Comes with 1 Year warranty from the manufacturer


Coffee quality: The coffee produced by this machine is of very high quality.

Automatic functionality: It operates automatically which is good as it saves time.

Preset timer: You can set it in advance to brew coffee at a specific time.


Cleaning: This machine requires to be cleaned after each use, which can be a disadvantage to many.


Should I get the glass or thermal carafe?

The glass carafe variant of this coffee maker is cheaper and more cost effective, but if you want a more durable option that will keep your coffee hot for longer, go for the stainless steel thermal carafe

Can I use the water filter instead of the mesh that comes with the machine?

Yes you can. Most users have been able to use paper filters successfully which are easier for cleaning.

What does GS and TS stand for?

GS stands for the Glass Carafe, while TS is the stainless steel carafe.

Does it grind the coffee at the time you set it to grind?

Yes, the coffee maker comes with an inbuilt timer that allows you to preset it as per your requirements. This enables it to start brewing the coffee at the time you need it. You can set it before you go to bed and find coffee brewed in the morning.

How often should I clean it?

Well, as often as possible. Most people don’t like this about the coffee maker, but try to keep it clean after each use.

What temperature does the coffee brew at?

It has been tested to brew coffee at 200 degrees which is the level recommended for coffee brewing, so you are assured of a hot cup of coffee each time.

Can I use already ground coffee or I must use with coffee beans?

It has a grinder to grind your coffee beans, but if you have pre-ground coffee, you can use it too.

Can it make really strong coffee?

Yes it can. It has multiple settings that allow you to brew coffee that is strong enough, or as per your requirements. Explore other top rated alternatives.


Coffee maker machines that are automatic, with preset abilities and grinders attached are the latest in the market, as they give you both quality and value for your money. The ability to grind your own beans gives you much more control over the coffee making process, as compared to using pre-ground coffee.

You can also shake things up each day and go for either coarsely ground or fine coffee. Every day is a wonderful surprise with this coffee maker.

Do not be left behind. The days of insisting you are not a barista are long gone. Now everyone can brew their own coffee and give yourself a treat. If you are a serious coffee drinker we advise you to always invest in a good quality coffee maker.

Now, the cost of coffee makers with grinders may be high, but the benefits are well worth the cost, and these are products you will use each and every day for a long period of time.

People who must have their strong cup of coffee each morning in order to function will seriously appreciate this incredible machine.

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