Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set Review

If you love cooking then you probably stay glued to those TV cooking shows or research online recipes to try out in your own kitchen. One thing is for sure, the food and recipes being done in beautiful cookware, from deep fried fish peppered with herbs to marinated chicken drumsticks doused with a touch of soy sauce and honey, look even better because of the cooking ware in use. The professional grade cookware is actually a big part of making sure the dish prep, cooking and presentation is mouthwatering.

To be honest, food out of quality cookware tastes better. The ware stands out for most people because it gives these kitchens an organized look and the cookware is definitely professional grade.

 What is amazing is that even a regular kitchen at home could possess such finesse by investing in a set of quality cookware without breaking the bank.

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set

If you have been of the mind to upgrade your cooking set, then you would be well served to consider the Calphalon Classic 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cook-ware Set. You can be sure you will notice the transformation in your kitchen and cooking instantly. Is it to say that you would become good at cooking overnight just because you got yourself a new set of crockery? No! However some people are already amazing cooks, this would simply take your cooking, kitchen organization and food presentation to another level that your family or customers will love.

 If you are not a professional that’s OK too because when your kitchen is better organized with the right tools which include a decent set of cookware, you inner chef will be inspired and you will be looking forward to making the most out of recipes.

Calphalon Company are the manufactures behind this cookware and have a rich history in the crafting of small kitchen appliances since 1963. Their sole aim is to enhance your kitchen ware and cooking experience during planning, ingredients prep, cooking and baking.

With the hoard of kitchenware out there you have got to wonder so what is so special about Calphalon Classic. One distinct aspect is in the fact that Calphalon adopted and employs a new technology developed by the aerospace industry called “hard anodizing”. This simply means treating raw aluminum through an electrochemical process to produce high performance cooking and durability in kitchen ware.

Previously, only chefs had access to such kitchenware but today anyone, including you can reap the benefits of stellar cookware in your house hold. We delve into examining the features that have made Calphalon a house hold brand name and what’s so amazing about the Calphalon Classic 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set. First, let’s take a sneak peek at what is contained in the box.

What comprises of the Calphalon stainless steel Classic 10 piece cook-ware set

  • 8 inch fry pan
  • 10 inch fry pan
  • 1.5 Quart sauce pan with cover
  • 2.5 Quart sauce pan with cover
  • 3 Quart sauté’ pan with cover
  • 6 Quart stock pot with cover

Reasons why you should seriously consider this cook-ware set for your kitchen


No one would appreciate having to purchase cookware every other year. That is why you should choose a reputed brand that has been tried and proven. There are few that can match the meticulous crafting of long lasting cookware that Calphalon manufactures.  With this brand, your cookware is likely to last a lifetime and they back up this claim with a lifetime guarantee. When you stop and think about it, if you are going to purchase cookware that might very well last you a lifetime, it best be good looking or you would be stuck with a hideous set for a long time to come. This set has quality and style to spare.

Calphalon is designed to stand up to every day kitchen use because it is made from stainless steel. It also features an impact-bonded aluminum base that ensures even heat distribution eliminating hot spots for an evenly cooked meal.


Thanks to the use of stainless steel as well an impact-bonded aluminum on the base, this set is versatile and responds with amazing even heat distribution on all types of stove tops. This includes induction, infrared, ceramic, glass, halogen, electric, gas and induction stove tops.

When it comes to creating sumptuous meals for your family, the tools used matter just as much as the ingredients used for the meal. No matter what stove top you have, this cooking set will comply with uncompromising efficiency.

Convenient inclusions

This cooking set has been crafted to be dishwasher friendly. However, hand washing is recommended as this would ensure that the luster lasts for ages to come. A nifty addition are the drain spouts in the pots and pans and the lid venting holes placed to align with pan pour spout for effortless draining. The lids are crafted with tempered glass so you can see the cooking process, while the lid rims and handles are made from stainless steel for a snug fit and longevity as well as allowing a firm controlled grip when you need to lift up the lid. This set is also safe for use in an oven or broiler as it can withstand temperature up to 400 degrees F.


  • Handle are firmly riveted and have stay cool technology even when the pan is hot
  • Highly conductive base for even heat distribution
  • Fill lines for easy measuring
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Stainless steel is considered hard to clean by consumers


Does this work well on an induction cooker?

Yes, they work like a charm on an induction cooker and the stainless steel stays much cleaner when compared to it using on a naked flame.

Is the guarantee truly a lifetime guarantee as stated?

 Calphalon classic cookware set high quality and is backed by a life time guarantee as long as you use the items as specified by the manufacturer. You would also need to register your product on their website

What is a safe oven temperature for the 10pc classic cook-ware set?

For this product, it is oven safe up to 400 degrees F.


Calphalon became a house hold brand because of their quality kitchenware that came and still comes with modern aesthetics. If you are contemplating getting a kitchen set that is both gorgeous and long lasting, carries nifty practical features and comes with a lifetime guarantee, then there can be only one possible option: The Calphalon Classic 10pc stainless steel cookware set.

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