Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker Review

Coffee making is all about control. You control the temperature, the aroma, the taste and even the machine. Now, the Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker will do all that for you.

Behmor Brazen Plus

It is a top quality drip coffee making machine that meets the SCAA’s grueling standards of brewing. It also provides you with control over the coffee making process that is unmatched by any other coffee maker.

You get to choose the exact water temperature you want, the length of time you want to pre-soak the beans, and the flavor of coffee you want. It certainly doesn’t get better than that when it comes to coffee making.

The design of the Behmor

The Behmor Brazen has a cylindrical top, with a circular base made of stainless steel. It’s no ordinary looking coffee maker. In fact, it has a spectacular three legged coffee machine that will take your breath away. When you see its tripod frame, you will think of an alien creature. How exciting?

It has a thermal carafe which can hold up to 40 ounces of coffee. Granted, this is a little less compared to other coffee makers, but the coffee brewed is very rich and tasty, so it’s a small price to pay.

It has a large LCD panel in the center of its face, with a phalanx of square buttons, and a bright blue LED light. It is without a doubt made of complex electronic smarts.

It is 8.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches tall. Beneath the display, there is a plastic filter basket. Underneath the flat lid, there is a water reservoir, which adds a much needed touch of class to the mostly plastic coffee maker.

How it’s used

This state of the art coffee maker is not easy to use initially. Reading the manual attached is a necessity when using it for the first time.

The makers of this coffee maker advice users to first calibrate it before using it, immediately after unpacking. You need to boil some water in it, to sample the water and compare the readings on the internal thermometer. It is the only machine in history that will ask you to do that.

You also get to choose the brewing temperature, i.e. how hot or cold the water in the tank will be before hitting the coffee. You can also set the timer for presoaking the coffee prior to the brewing process.

This is not all, the Behmor also has a manual releasing function that enables you to decant hot water on to another container for brewing such as the French press glass or the Chemex brewers.

Brewing power

This machine certainly has the power and the skills to brew coffee like a champ. It transforms the calibrated water into a bubbling froth within no time and gives fresh cups of coffee in under 5 minutes.

It will give you the hottest coffee, and keep it hot for many hours. Compare with other top rated alternatives:


Temperature: The Behmor allows you to control the coffee temperature and gives you the results that you want, whenever you want them. It will also keep your coffee hot for many hours after making it.

Coffee quality: The Behmor gives the highest coffee quality because of its drip technology that allows coffee to be brewed at the right temperature.

Certification: This is one of the few products that is SCAA certified and ensures high quality coffee brewing.


Ease of use: This coffee maker is a little bit complicated when it comes to using it, and you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely at first.

Cost: It is a little steep when it comes to cost.

FAQ’s of the Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker

How will I measure the temperature of the water?

The manufacturer’s manual comes equipped with the procedure you shall need to follow in order to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. For excellent results, ensure to follow these instructions closely.

Can I pour myself a cup of coffee mid-brew?

Yes. There’s a spring loaded plunger that will engage and stop the coffee flow when the carafe has been removed. You can enjoy your coffee, then resume brewing later.

Is the reservoir removable for ease of cleaning?

No. It cannot be removed, but, when you open the lid, it will expose the entire reservoir making it easy to clean.

What is the material used to make the carafe?

It is made of stainless steel on the inside and outside.

When you unplug it after use, will I need to reset all the settings again the next time I use it?

No. If you unplug the machine, it will remember all the settings the next time you decide to use it.


If you are a serious coffee drinker, then you need to have a serious machine to make your coffee. The Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker is hands down one of the best machines in the market.

The kind of control that comes with this coffee maker cannot be found with any other machine, and will give you an experience like no other. You will enjoy setting the temperature, and controlling the quality of coffee you get from it.

If you love scalding hot coffee, you will also love this machine. That’s not all. It also allows you to keep the coffee hot for long periods of time. Isn’t it annoying to only get to enjoy one hot cup of coffee and then having to use the microwave or hot plate every time you want another one? Well, the Behmor will keep your coffee hot long after brewing it.

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