23 Awesome Appliance Tricks You Need To Know About

Each and every kitchen appliance is meant to perform a particular task. We have appliances for toasting bread, heating up food, making coffee, mixing ingredients, washing laundry, etc, however, some very creative and imaginative minds have discovered ways to use various appliances for more than just what they are meant to.

Set of contemporary house appliances standing on reflective surface.

Some of them seem really crazy like freezing your clothes and washing throw pillows in your dishwasher, but what’s important is that they really work.

Here are some great appliance tricks you can use.

1) Use the microwave to sanitize sponges

Pop your slightly dampened sponges into the microwave on high setting for about 60 seconds to kill bacteria.

2) Use freezer to preserve your fresh herbs

Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil and store the cubes in a freezer bag. Be sure to label it. Just throw what you need in your dish as you’re cooking, without having to defrost.

3) Use a Keurig to make food

Bet you didn’t know you could use a Keurig to cook almost any processed food that requires boiling water. You can whip up instant oatmeal or some noodle soup. Simply remove the K-Cup and run a cycle allowing the water to flow directly into the food. Ithis is way faster than boiling water, and ideal for you if you don’t have a microwave.

4) Use a microwave to soften citrus fruits

To get more juice from your lemons and oranges, just microwave them for about 20 seconds

5) Speed up the dyeing process

Reduce the time you use to dye your clothes by putting your container of dye in the microwave. The microwave rapidly accelerates the RIT dye drying reaction.

Remember to cover the container and to line the bottom of your microwave with paper towels to protect against possible spills.

6) Make new crayons using the microwave and freezer

If you have some old or broken crayons in your drawers, melt them in the microwave, pour them into greased cupcake tins, freeze and there! You have new crayons!

Use this idea with candle remnants to make candle tarts.

7) Use your freezer to recharge your batteries

I used to think that a freezer is only good for making ice cubes and preserving food. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it can recharge NiMh and NiCd batteries and even temporarily revive crashed computer hard drives long enough for me to retrieve important data.

After freezing batteries or hard drives, keep them stored in a sealed plastic bag for a few hours, just to make sure they’ve thawed out before attempting use.

8) Use a blender to make liquid compost

Use a powerful blender to break down food waste such as egg shells, coffee grounds, and food scraps quickly. Then puree food scraps with water and spread them throughout your garden. Add water and use a small shovel to work the garden to ensure all nutrients are absorbed.

9) Use a dishwasher to disinfect

Use your dishwasher to wash and disinfect any item that is dishwasher safe. This includes; dish sponges, your kids’ toys, rubber footwear, brushes and combs, stove burners, vent covers, grills, cup covers, small tools, scissors, small shelves and drawers, outlet shields, pulls, and knobs.

Remember to put the smallest items in mesh laundry bags before you throw in the wash.

10) Use freezer to extend a wax candles life

Putting a wax candle in your freezer for about 24 hours before lighting it will cause it to burn slower and last longer.

11) Use freezer to remove gum stuck on your shoe

Don’t you hate it when you step on gum and it refuses to come out? Me too. Just stick the shoe in the freezer for about 2 hours. The gum will come right off the sole when you retrieve the shoe from the freezer.

12) Wash your keyboard using your dishwasher

Place your keyboard face-down on the top rack, and skip the drying cycle and detergent, to avoid damaging it and let it air dry for a couple of days before plugging it back in.

13) Make a salad

Did you know that your washing machine can help you prepare large-scale salad?

Simply put the greens in a pillowcase and spin them in cold water on the gentle cycle. Just don’t use detergent.

14) Remove stamps using the microwave

Place a few drops of water on the stamp and microwave it for 20 seconds, to remove it easily without causing damage.

15) Use a muffin tin to make ice

Make ice in a muffin tin. This ice is ideal if you intend to serve drinks in a large beverage container for parties.

16) Use freezer to kill bacteria and odor

Freeze your denim to kill odor-causing bacteria and this method ensures your denim doesn’t fade.

17) Use your electric knife to craft

Use your electric knife to craft floral foam for flower arrangements, or use it to shape polyurethane foam for dining chairs.

18) Use a mixer to shred

Use your stand mixer with the paddle attachment to shred chicken, pork, or beef. The mixer performs this task so much faster.

19 ) Use an air popper to roast coffee beans

Use a regular air popper to roast your own beans. An older model is more preferable because it will reach a higher temperature. Set up a container to catch the chaff as the beans crack, and a strainer or colander for cooling the roasted coffee beans.

20) Use a coffee grinder to make breadcrumbs

Need breadcrumbs in a jiffy? Why not whip some up in quickly with a coffee grinder and a fresh loaf of bread.

21) Use oven toaster to warm plates

Putting hot food on a cold plate tampers with the temperature of your food. To prevent the risk of having a tepid dinner, just warm your plates on the lowest setting of your toaster oven for 5 minutes before you start serving.

22) Use a crockpot to clean hardware

Use your Crock-pot to eliminate the mess that comes with years of using hardware. Just place the pieces of hardware in the Crock-pot, cover them with water, and set your slow cooker to “low” overnight.

When morning comes, the paint will slide right off your hardware!

23) Use oven to dehydrate food

Don’t you just love the taste of dried fruits and meats? Me too! Buying a commercial food dehydrator can be expensive. Why not make your own dehydrator? Simply stack several cooling racks on top of each other, separated by balls of aluminum foil in each corner, and then place the stacked racks in the bottom of your oven. Set the temperature to 200 degrees, for four to six hours. Then enjoy your perfectly dried fruit and vegetables.