All about Egg Cookers

An egg cooker is a small kitchen equipment that uses steam instead of boiling water to cook eggs. It is different from a pot because it does not require a cooker, only a socket. What’s more, the cooking time of the eggs can be adjusted from the appliance, allowing you to choose whether you want to enjoy soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs.

Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker

Boiled eggs made using an egg cooker peel off much more easily. Most egg cookers also poach eggs and some of them can make omelets and scrambled eggs.

How an egg cooker works

The egg cooker heats water up to the boiling point to cook the eggs. There is an insert In the middle of the egg cooker in which the eggs can be inserted to keep them from moving during cooking. Once the water boils, the water vapor rises, gradually heating the eggs.

Egg cookers have a transparent plastic lid in order to control the condensation of the water and to prevent it from splashing. This retains the heat inside, while allowing just enough pressure to escape so that the device does not burst.

Once the eggs are cooked, the egg cooker detects this and either beep loudly, or shut off automatically. The beep or auto shut off is mostly triggered as soon as all the water evaporates.

Most egg cookers differ when it comes to how they control the cooking time. There those with timers which cook eggs per minute. This kind is perfect for you if you are experienced in egg cooking and know just how much time you need to cook the eggs just the way you like them. You do however have to remove the eggs as soon as the timer goes off to avoid them getting harder than you would like.

There are water boilers which control the cooking time over the quantity of the water. For these egg cooker types, you need to fill the amount of water needed depending on the number of eggs you are cooking, and how you want to cook them. Once all the water is condensed, the eggs stop cooking, retaining their desired cooking point. Some models even turn off automatically when the water is exhausted. You always need to know how much water you need to prepare a certain number of eggs.

Note: fewer eggs require more water. Whichever is the better, everyone has to decide for themselves.

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How to clean your egg cooker

Let the vinegar and water mix sit on the heating plate for 30 minutes. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface. You can wash the unit’s lid and any egg trays that you are supplied with in warm, soapy water.

Factors to consider when shopping for an egg cooker

When buying an egg cooker, consider the following;

Size – make sure you have room for your egg cooker of choice

Cooking time– get one that cooks your eggs well in the shortest time possible

Ease of use– you want an egg cooker that you can operate seamlessly

Controls – you may want to get an egg cooker with auto shut off as opposed to one that needs to be unplugged to shut off

Power consumption– the less power the egg cooker consumes the better

Price – ensure you get quality for your money